Lunch and Learn: Sinat Chinam: When Judaism Self-Destructs 🖥

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Lunch and Learn: Sinat Chinam: When Judaism Self-Destructs 🖥


December 7, 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Sinat chinam, or groundless hatred, is the noxious force that has led to years of strife within the Jewish community, from the destruction of the Second Temple to the infighting between Jewish movements and cultures. Join our member Rabbi Neal Borovitz on Zoom for this three-part class as he examines the ways sinat chinam has shaped Jewish history and the divisiveness we’re experiencing today — and what we can do to overcome.


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Every other week, Rabbi Ammi Hirsch hosts intellectually honest conversations unpacking current events through the lens of Jewish wisdom. Unbound by politics and untethered by party lines, Ammi and his expert guests discuss everything from race and antisemitism to all the other issues that keep you up at night.